I remember those…

Britain is famous for so many icons. You know… the Beatles, the Mini, the Queen! But if there’s one thing that is quintessentially British, it’s the traditional Sweet Shop.

So many of us remember that special feeling of excitement and joy, that came with grabbing that striped paper bag and filling it with our favourite sweets. Pear Drops, Sherbet Lemons, Pinapple Cubes are just some of the old favourites that come warmly to mind.

It was this feeling of nostalgic joy, that inspired us to bring you DROP!

Drop Drinks polaroid flavours

Wouldn’t it be great, to capture that unmistakable taste of your British Sweet Shop favourite sweet in a light, sparkling drink? We thought so too!

That’s why after years in the making, we’re immensely proud to bring you DROP – our range of British Sweet Shop flavoured sparkling drinks!

Drop Drinks Logo

Let us introduce you to our very first flavour, with a flavour that practically everyone will remember – the Sweet Shop classic Pear Drop! Imagine ‘pear drops in a bottle’ and you’re there.

Soon to be available in packs of 4 or 12 at your local shopping store.

Drop Drinks - Pear Drop Bottle

Look out for more great flavours…


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