Soft drinks industry welcomes Responsibility Deal initiative

The British Soft Drinks Association today welcomed the launch of the Government’s Responsibility Deal initiative and looks forward to working with the Department of Health to develop industry actions.

Jill Ardagh, BSDA director general, said:

“The soft drinks industry has proved over the years that a responsible approach by industry is the right way to deal with issues of public concern. For example, people thinking about the issue of obesity should note how the soft drinks product range has changed radically. The proportion of the market made up of drinks with no added sugar is now 60 per cent, up from only 30 per cent 20 years ago.

“This has been achieved without regulation. Instead, it was a combination of product innovation, clear nutritional information, and a focus on the needs of the consumer that delivered. A responsible approach by industry works.”

The industry’s wide-ranging actions to improve and extend choice of sustainably produced and responsibly marketed drinks are illustrated in the accompanying Responsibility Report.


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British Soft Drinks Association
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Notes to editors

1. The British Soft Drinks Association represents the interests of producers and manufacturers of soft drinks including carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices and bottled water. BSDA members are responsible for the vast majority of products on the British soft drinks market.

2. The UK Soft Drinks Responsibility Report sets out soft drink industry initiatives to support healthy lifestyles and sustainable production. It is available on the BSDA website here.