Drink Pear Drop.

Remember the taste of Peardrops? Enjoy that unique childhood taste in a chilled can!

A group of young people from the East End of London have teamed up to offer the world a chance to drink Peardrops in a 330ml can. The drink was named Drop as a special tribute to the iconic British boiled sweet. The entrepreneur who came out with the idea used to crush a handful of Peardrops and squeeze them inside a can of lemonade as a child to make a real drink that tasted like the actual sweets. The improvised drink gave him so much childhood joy that he felt it was time to cook up a recipe for a new soft drink.

After more than two years of research the drink was finally launched in January 2011 while the streets were still covered in snow. Within the first two weeks more than 10,000 cans were sold locally alone as a trial run.

During tasting events throughout the UK people of all age groups found the drink very refreshing and enjoyed it tremendously. Some said it reminded them of their ‘school days and happy memories of Peardrops’ or simply their ‘childhood days.’ Others thought it had a ‘distinctive sweetshop taste’ and believed the drink is ‘unique and a great idea’ or it was ‘pure perfection.’

‘Mohammed Ali, the founder of drink says, ‘it is a great time to launch a product based on a strong British concept with the royal wedding and the Olympics on the horizon. I am very pleased that we have finally launched the drink after consulting the British public. I truly hope that the peardrop flavoured drink adds great joy to the lives of the British people and beyond.’

Then he adds, ‘I am also very grateful to the various industry professionals from the FDEA, FCOMMS, BBC, ITV and JWT for providing support to create product awareness.’

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