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Naomi Winters, a food journalist – Abandon Spoon

Drop is a new drink released onto the market in January 2011 by Mount Valley. The flavour is pear drop, like the popular sweet that reminds me of my childhood. I found out about this drink through a friend and as I love pear drops contacted drop...

Andrew Kirby, Business Development Manager – The Today’s Group

Hi Mo..I will contact some of my bigger cash & carry oulets to try and get you a listing with them. I wish you every success in the future, with what appears to be a very innovative product and something I feel could do really well for you.

James Hibbins, Marketing Manager – Euro Foods Brand

James Hibbins, Marketing Manager – Euro Foods Brand

Oct 15, 2011

We very interested in the Pear Drop drink and would like to investigate the opportunities for your product in the UK market.

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