About Us

With strong support from a reliable team including family and friends a local entrepreneur from the inner city of London unleashes his all time dream of launching a product attracting mass appreciation. His passion was inspired by noticing a huge gap in a market saturated with same or very similar soft drink flavours. Also coming from a background in shipping and international trade the man with the idea of DROP and its umbrella brand Mount Valley exhausted his contacts to organise overseas production keeping costs at minimum.

During times of economic downturn it was also vital for the plan to be resistant to its pressures. Therefore passion and inspiration alone were not enough to make the launch of a new soft drink brand a true reality. The focus on key factors such as taste, branding, packaging, marketing and research remained at its highest. Hence professionals from respective fields were carefully selected to add optimum value in these areas ensuring overall product credibility and presentation.

In addition to all this the attention was drawn to the costs by keeping it low in the hope of gaining a competitive edge against the existing major brands. The launch of DROP in the UK will be parralleled by Mount Valley’s aim for a greater appreciation overseas, particularly in countries with warmer climates.